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Our Story

You can manifest your dreams! How do we know this? Let us tell you a story of how we found The Life Center or shall we say, how The Life Center found us!

The Beginning

At the beginning of the pandemic, when everything was closed down and we were forced to not work and stay at home, we had to rethink how are we going to make a living.


Ashe and I participated in a challenge called "Launch your expertise". At the end of this challenge, he and I created the "Natural Neck Lift Solution".


I developed and delivered the content and he was the tech support and customer care specialist. We really loved working with each other and we asked 'what would it take to always be working together?"

The Harmonic Egg

Fast forward, someone  I met on Facebook, started seeing me for PT and Ashe and I tried a new modality. He and I both thought "what would it take for our family to come to use this modality once a week?"


Taking The Plunge

Taking The Plunge

That same evening, I mentioned to Ashe that Gail is selling the center, and he blurted out, "We have to buy the Center!"


I was clear at that moment that this is a nudge towards what we wanted to manifest, to be able work everyday with each other and to be able to use this modality for ourselves and our family. It is certainly not how we imagined it was going to be and it's perfect in every way.


I met Gail July 17th (which also happens to be the day we got engaged) and we were signing paperwork to buy the Life Center mid-August. It all happened so quickly that we never had time to think about it, we trusted our intuition and the guidance. We have learned so much over the last 26 months especially since we've never owned a brick and mortar business.

Moving Forward

We have to give a shout out to our wonderful clients who have stuck through the transition from Gail (goddess of all things Harmonic Egg) to us. Our understanding and respect of the Harmonic Egg and all its magic has continued to deepen over the time we have been guardians. We continue to be in awe and we are humbled by the transformations we get to witness everyday.


As we enter 2023 we really want to grow the business as we feel that the Harmonic Egg is an important part of the evolution and wellness of all people that explore the Harmonic Egg at any of the locations. We would love to hear from any of you who would like to get to share how the Harmonic sessions have impacted your lives.

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