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Jeanne Sajonas, PT
Sajonas Method

Meet Jeanne

  • Jeannie understands chronic pain and chronic fatigue. She was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and severe depression in 2010 after the birth of her second son, James.

  • It wasn’t until she was diagnosed correctly with Systemic Candida that she finally found relief from all of her symptoms. She developed her own approach to connective tissue restoration, called the Sajonas Method of Fascia rehydration and she invented the Theralign Massage Bar, a tool that helps break up fascia adhesions and restrictions. She lives in Denver with her Fiancé, Ashe and her sons Peter and James.




(303) 630-9218



  1. Hydrate the Subcutaneous/Superficial Fascia layer.

  2. Glide and move the Muscle Fascia Layer(outside the muscle).

  3. Find  and release the restrictions, adhesions and scarring within the muscle layer, a technique called Targeted Myofascia Release.

  4. Lengthen and maintain tissue fluidity through  3 dimensional stretching.

  • Addresses the fascial restrictions in each layer.

  • Restores proper joint mobility and alignment.

  • Restores muscle strength and ​proper muscle recruitment and contraction.

  • activates the parasympathetic nervous system to induce deep relaxation and promote healing.

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