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Ashley Owen
Rock Star Blueprint

Meet Ashley

  • I have been a professional musician for the past 20 years before that I was in a corporate job for 16 years that was not an expression of who I was.

  • When Jeanne and I bought the Life Center in 2020 during the pandemic many would have said you're crazy but we followed our intuition and took a leap into the unknown, it's been a great leap! 

  • I have completed many coaching courses and certifications, all in pursuit of creating better results for my clients whether I am coaching, speaking or working  at the Life Center. I am devoted to creating the life I want and becoming the best version of myself. 

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(303) 630-9218


Follow Your DREAM

  • D - Decide. To reach any dream you need to make a decision. Once a declaration is made you are on the path to your dream.

  • R - Resourceful. When starting on your journey there will be obstacles and you will need to find ways to overcome them, whether it's asking for help or learning a new skill.

  • E - Energy. When starting any endeavor you are going to monitor where you are spending your energy. The reason being that if you are scrolling on your phone you will never reach your DREAM.

  • A - Action. You will never reach your DREAM without consistent ACTION! This is the most important piece of the puzzle, dream all you want but without the ACTION it's just a dream.

  • M - Manifest. When you put all these pieces together you will MANIFEST your DREAM! 

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