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After meeting in the Himalayas during a freak snow storm, who would have thought that we would be buying a brick and mortar business during a pandemic called The Life Center!

A Story Of Manifestation

You can manifest your dreams! How do we know this? Let us tell you a story of how we found The Life Center or shall we say, how the The Life Center found us!

At the beginning of the pandemic, when everything was closed down and we were forced to not work and stay at home, we had to rethink how are we going to make a living.



From Bryce

It was pure serendipitous magic finding The Harmonic Egg Life Center, while I was already in Colorado seeking relief for my Auto-Immune symptoms. I was greeted by their wonderful staff, who treated me like family every time I entered the building. As far as my treatments, I must emphasize that no other healing modality has ever come close to the incredible way I felt walking out of even my first sitting. Since completing the ten Auto-Immune protocol sessions the results have been nothing short of life changing. 

More from Bryce

I have felt better than I have in years, my energy levels are through the roof and unexpectedly this divine tool has helped me to deeply connect with my source. I have felt a constant presence of spirituality in my daily life like never before. Considering my new found exhilaration for life, I have been spreading the word about the Eggs incredible healing power to friends and family. For anyone looking to change their life on multiple levels, I could not recommend this more highly! I want to thank the wonderful family team at The Harmonic Egg Life Center from the depths of my heart for guiding me through this incredible path of spiritual and physical healing.

Lotus Flower


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