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Dr. Amy O’Siannan-Koontz DD, LMT, RMT, RH, CH, RYT

Meet Dr. Amy

  • I have been helping people feel better in their bodies for more than 20 years. I also have extensive personal experience with pain and what causes disfunction in the body, so I am positioned to help just about any injury or disability or disfunction that you may have.


  • I love getting to the cause of pain and rooting it out! Sometimes, this means multiple sessions are required to return the body to optimal performance. Fear not! I’m very skilled at resolving most issues in just a few appointments, when booked fairly close to one another.


  • I have been using Myofascial Release techniques for my entire career, and last spring, I decided to deepen my expertise in this area and attended several workshops with John F. Barnes, PT, the foremost leader in modern Myofascial Release techniques.  As a result, you will get profound results in healing trauma, injury, repetitive use disfunction and pain relief.




(720) 728-9523




  • I offer MyoFascial Release and the Cranial Release Technique or MFR & CRT, to treat the symptoms of pain and address the cause of that pain. And, while I am trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage, I have found that MFR & CRT are much more effective in treating pain and trauma than traditional massage.

  • I love to educate my patients to heal and help themselves live their best life. This may include using an anatomy program to show exactly where the problem lies, and then recommending exercises or yoga stretches that will help return the body to its prime functionality.

  • My specialties are post-concussive TBI recovery and high performing athletes who aren’t able to bounce back after injury or surgery and anyone in pain, really.

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