Our Staff

At the Harmonic Egg Life Center we have a very diverse staff with a range of skills and modalities that allow us to serve our clients in many different ways. If you have any questions for any of our staff do not hesitate to reach out via email or phone. We look forward to serving you on your journey of health and healing.

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Ashley (Ashe) Owen

Co Owner & General Manager

Ashley left his corporate job as a software trainer to pursue his musical career. He achieved his dreams and has performed in front of more than 500,000 people all over the world for the past 20 years.


He has always been drawn to help people get clarity about their goals and relationships. He is a certified Robbins-Madanes coach, and a graduate of the Heroic Public Speaking program. He is the host of the podcast, Masculine Vulnerability. If you are interested in a coaching session please reach out via email or call the Life Center directly.

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Jeannie Sajonas, PT

Co Owner & Sajonas Method Creator

Jeannie understands chronic pain and chronic fatigue. She was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and severe depression in 2010 after the birth of her second son, James.


It wasn’t until she was diagnosed correctly with Systemic Candida that she finally found relief from all of her symptoms. She developed her own approach to connective tissue restoration, called the Sajonas Method of Fascia rehydration and she invented the Theralign Massage Bar, a tool that helps break up fascia adhesions and restrictions. She lives in Denver with her Fiancé, Ashe and her sons Peter and James.


Cyan Shaw

Egg Tender & Office Manager

Cyan is an Honors student at Boulder High who has dealt with depression, anxiety, grief and knee surgery. She helped run a Sound and Lights program for her school, and developed a passion for lighting, so working here is a natural progression for her passion. She is a natural people person and has always been interested in helping others. Her organizational skills and attention to detail made her an easy fit as office manager. She has quickly made herself indispensable. 


Jean Church, MA

Egg Tender & Somatic Integration

Jean is a Somatic Practitioner :: What is Somatic? Somatic is of the body and movement. Somatic approaches are grounded in a holistic philosophy and the interconnectedness of Mind and Body. Soma says the Mind-Body relationship expands to Soul, Spirit, and our connection with all our universal mysteries.


Having spent her entire life seeking answers outside of herself, Jean has finally arrived in a deep knowing place, that the answers live inside her. She offers that same deep knowing to others through a somatic approach that weaves together multiple modalities.


She has woven together multiple modalities that support you with embracing wholeness, harmony, empowerment, and the freedom to understand, love and be yourself.



MA, Somatic Counseling Psychology

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Reiki Level II Practitioner

Ho’oponopono Certified

Artist, Gong Goddess, Crystal Maven, Nature-lover…



$150/Hour for individual Somatic Sessions

5 Somatic Sessions for $500


Dina Gilmore

Egg Tender & Shamanic Practioner

Dina F Gilmore is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot and Oracle card reader, a 4-time bestselling author, award-winning director, international photographer, screenwriter, former spokesperson for the Arthritis Foundation, and former Internet Radio Show Host. Gilmore has been a Shamanic Practitioner since 2009, Reiki Master Teacher since 2010 and has been reading Tarot and Oracle cards since 2002. She grew up in Dallas, TX and moved to Denver, CO in 2012 to live a better quality and fulfilling life. Gilmore thrives best living her life’s purpose of helping people on their own healing journey(s). Moving to Colorado enabled her to finish her degree and accomplish her educational goals, pursue her writing and filmmaking career while moving her spiritual healing practice to the Rocky Mountains. She loves to leave her clients inspired, empowered, and awakened to new possibilities through the art of healing or visionary storytelling.


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind and is not a religion, but a way of life or living with mind, body, spirit and soul integration. This profound ancient healing is facilitated by a trained Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner that operates with one foot in ordinary reality and one foot in non-ordinary reality/the spirit realm in order to straddle both worlds. The greatest tools to a Shaman are the drum and a direct connection to spirit and universal energy. Shamanic healing is typically conducted with individual sessions once the client and healer have determined what is the priority and focus after an initial consultation. Individual healing sessions can center around death and dying, soul retrieval, past life integrations, power animal retrievals, personal growth, expansion, transformational work, removing blockages, calling back your personal power, healing extraction, burning bowl ceremonies and end of life assistance or death rite passage.


Shamanic Journey Circles: A Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner leads healing circles with live drumming for spiritual community where groups are formed and welcomed in a safe setting to journey as individuals coming together. This is a powerful way for newcomers to experience an ancient art if they have never had a healing session or not explored shamanism.   


Shamanic Sound Journeys: This is another powerful and energy shifting opportunity combining the ancient art of shamanic journey with the magnificent healing vibration of sound. We like to combine a gong, Tibet singing bowls, drums and rattles to heighten your healing experience often producing profound energetic shifts. 



Individual Shamanic Healing Sessions: $175 per hour with Dina.


Shamanic Journey Circles $33 per person and in small groups with Dina.


Shamanic Sound Journeys $55 per person and in small groups with Dina and Jai.